I am interested in an everyday kind of reality, past and present. I have always been interested in collage-type imagery finding new or recycled materials and reworking compositions before a painting is done. I don’t follow a blueprint, preferring, rather, to rely on my sight, my senses, and my intuition. The images in my paintings are chosen for their intrinsic value to capture my vision and arranged to invite the viewer’s own interpretation.

The subject matter comes from my immediate surroundings: an article in the newspaper, a vintage child’s textbook at a bookstore or an old photo. I use mixed media and collage to create a basic beginning structure in my artwork. Paint, inks and other materials are added to create transparent, translucent, and opaque layers. Each layer suggests uncertainty, incompleteness, and duality. Many times original images are changed or destroyed as the additional layers are added.

In my work, I seek a balance between simplicity and obscurity, and imperfection.  At first glance, these predominantly murky paintings may evoke a sense of obscurity.  Upon a closer look, the images may reveal a sentimental recollection of the past

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