I am interested in an everyday kind of reality. I don’t follow a blueprint, preferring, rather, to rely on my senses, and intuition.  A concept that inspires me could come from anywhere; an article I read online, an old textbook, or a phrase I might hear someone say.  The medium I choose is an important component in expressing my vision.  Sometimes I will use watercolor, other times it will be mixed media and collage to create a basic beginning structure.  Paint, inks, and other materials are added to create transparent, translucent, and opaque layers. Each layer suggests uncertainty, incompleteness, and duality.  Often original images are changed or destroyed as the additional layers are added. 
In my work, I seek a balance between simplicity and obscurity, and imperfection.  At first glance, these predominantly simple paintings may evoke a sense of obscurity.  Upon a closer look, the images may reveal a sentimental recollection and invite the viewer’s own interpretation.